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Holiday Gift Suggestion

The Williams Outing Club has revised its “North Berkshire Outdoor Guide,” the area trail guide.  The publication announcement singles out two special Ephs, Katie Craig ’08 and Bob Quay ’04 “who in their short time at Williams gave enduring inspiration to many members of the community.” Craig’s art appears on the cover and in the book and I’m sure that the bridge on Mt. Greylock named in Quay’s memory receives prominent mention. RIP, good friends of the WOC.

Wouldn’t this make a wonderful holiday gift for your favorite Eph? And, if you can manage it, how about adding in a 2009 trip “home” with other Ephs to make use of the guide?


Craig Cup

Remembering Katie Craig ’08. I did not know that Katie’s father Rob Craig ’78 had also passed away. Previous coverage here. Condolences to all.


Katie Craig ’08, RIP

For coverage of the tragic death of Katie Craig ’08, please see here. Our hearts go out to her family and friends. If you would like to share a memory of Katie, feel free to do so in the comments. Even small moments — a joke shared in the dining hall, a class project done together, a training run on a fall afternoon — will be meaningful in the years to come to those who knew Katie best.

Condolences to all.


We Grieve

Few Eph hearts won’t weep to read these remembrances of Katie Craig ’08.

Our daughter, Emma, met Katie when Katie led a marvelous backpacking trip designed for entering freshmen at Williams to get to know each other. Katie then welcomed Emma to spontaneous dances and social fun with friends. In those first weeks of college, we would often hear a happy Emma telling us that she was going to be seeing Katie later that day. Katie’s wonderful warmth and her delight in college life and the outdoors contributed hugely to Emma’s enjoyment of freshman year.

As parents we are so grateful to Katie for her goodness and sense of joy. We grieve for Katie. We grieve for Emma and for Katie’s other close friends at Williams College, who deeply mourn her. And we are inexpressibly sad for the tragic loss that Katie’s mother and brother have suffered. We send our heartfelt sympathies.

Katie was everything an Eph ought to be. We all grieve today.

If someone at the service could send us pictures or descriptions, we would be pleased to print them for all the Ephs who can not be there.


The Snow Lies Deepest

Touching obituary for Katie Craig ’08 from her hometown paper.

Katie Craig of Cumberland left us on April 5 during the most lovely snowstorm of the season. A student at Williams College and a graduate of Greely High School, Katie was a beautiful, creative and frisky spirit who brought joy and laughter to all who knew her.

We watched in awe as Katie pursued her passions for art, Nordic skiing and the natural world with a talent and intensity that few could ever hope to match. Most importantly though, Katie’s life was anchored by a deep and reciprocated love for her family and many friends in Maine, England and beyond. She inspired us all and the hole she leaves in our hearts is impossible to describe. Wendy (Mom) and Will (brother) thank their wonderful family, friends and neighbors for such incredible support.

We would like to share an excerpt from Katie’s favorite children’s book Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm written by Alice and Martin Provensen.

In a quiet corner of an overgrown field, the snow lies deepest and the oak trees hold their leaves all winter…Here, the best wild flowers grow and the first peepers are heard in the spring, even before the snow melts. Here, owls call from the treetops in the early morning and the irreverent crows hold their noisy conventions. Here, the mother deer has her fawn, and the migrating geese can rest.

It is here that Katie and her father Robbie are at peace. It is here that we can visit them.

Condolences to all.


Articles about Katie Craig’s passing


As I mentioned yesterday, the Record provided substantial coverage on Katie Craig. The picture appeared on the front page of the paper. Here are some excerpts from the articles.

Friends remember exuberant young woman

Talented artist, accomplished skier, nature lover and beloved friend of many, Katie Craig ’08 passed away last Thursday morning. She was 20.

Alice Nelson ’10, one of Craig’s ski teammates, expressed the sentiment of many people when she said later, “What’s so weird about [Katie’s death] is that I can only remember her being happy.”

Craig’s professors also noted her enthusiasm. “It seemed like she was always bouncing into the room – always had so much energy and a big smile,” said Heather Stoll, professor of geosciences, who recently taught Craig in a tutorial on the carbon cycle this spring. “She was so effervescent. She connected with everyone she met. She’d see me with my little son Luke at the ski slopes and offer to babysit him. She was just so eager to know people.” Keep reading…

Craig takes own life after battling Bipolar

Katie Craig ’08 passed away on the property of her Cumberland, Maine, home last Thursday. Craig, who was away from the College on voluntary medical leave, had been diagnosed recently with bipolar disorder. Her death is considered a suicide, the circumstances of which have not been made public.

Wendy Craig, Craig’s mother, said her daughter had been struggling with the illness during the months before her death, with the symptoms intensifying significantly in the weeks before Spring Break. A few days before the break, Craig took a voluntary medical leave from the College, after discussing her condition with Associate Dean Stephen Sneed. She left to pursue intensive treatment. According to her mother, Craig had not been receiving extended treatment or medication from the College’s Health Center.

After spending a short period of time at home, Craig checked in to an inpatient program at Spring Harbor Hospital in Portland, Maine. It was during this stay that she was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Keep reading…

A tribute to the passing of friend and classmate Katie Craig ’08

Adaptable and brilliant, she left us with so many different kinds of memories, in so many different parts of our lives. We remember dancing with her as a happy little penguin on Halloween at Sheep Hill. We remember bubble tea in the common room, fondue and backrubs. We remember sledding down mission hill on the ‘boggan. We remember farming in France.

Katie Craig lived to make people happy. And in this, she accomplished more in her short time here than most of us could ever hope to. The word I have heard used most often in connection with Katie’s life is “light,” and I think she would be pleased with that idea, although, in her humility, she would never suggest it. Katie was a light for us all, bringing smiles and laughter equally to those of us who were fortunate enough to know her well and to those who only met her once. She glowed, and she made us all glow.

How many times did we come home to find some fun little treasure taped on our door, with Katie’s curly signature on it? How many times did we chew on a mango with her, savoring every succulent bite, until the juice ran down our chins and stained the carpet outside her doorway? How often did she whisper into our ear, concocting a plan for a secret mission – a journey to the dining hall, or the forest at night, or some forbidden rooftop? Keep reading…

On remembering Katie Craig ’08 in print

To say that the Williams community was shocked at the passing of Katie Craig ’08 would be an understatement in the truest sense of the word. The outpouring of grief, condolences and remembrances shared at vigils, mountaintop services and informal meetings among friends speaks to her death’s impact on this campus. Amidst an almost palpable sense of communal heartache, we as journalists came to a challenging question: how much can, or should, these pages say?

Nothing at all, some may argue, as issues of such gravity call for solemn, private reflection, not the reportings of student journalists. But as both students and journalists we would be remiss in our obligations should we chose this alternative – remiss, because as journalists we’re obliged to provide public record of significant events at the College; and remiss, because as students, we would be doing a tremendous disservice to a fellow classmate and friend in staying silent on her passing.

After careful deliberation we chose to print a news article about the circumstances surrounding Craig’s death, in part because any death of a member of this community is extremely important to the community as a whole. We are part of a close-knit College and, as such, community death naturally resonates. In her Friday e-mail regarding Craig’s passing, Dean Roseman referred to the “Williams family.” As a community newspaper we must acknowledge the death of one of our own. Omitting it would be tantamount to labeling this death un-newsworthy. Keep reading…

All the articles are a good read, all the way through.

Katie Craig sounds like just the kind of person I would have loved to know, spend time with, or just hang out around. I am sorry that I never even met her, and I think that those who did were very fortunate.


Katie Craig articles in the Record

They aren’t online yet, but the Record ran four great articles about Katie Craig in this week’s issue. I’ll post them when they become available, but I thought I’d summarize them for those who aren’t lucky enough to have a hard copy of the paper at their fingertips.

The headline of this week’s paper is “Campus mourns passing of Katie Craig ’08.” There is a large color picture of the candlelight vigil, with students holding candles. There is an article below the picture that serves an obituary, with a picture of Katie and reminiscences by students, faculty, coaches and friends. The right side of the paper is an article headlined “Craig takes own life after battling Bipolar.” This is an article about the circumstances of Katie’s taking a leave of absence, her brief treatment and diagnosis, and her death almost immediately afterwards.

Inside the paper, the Record board piece this week is entitled “On remembering Katie Craig ’08 in print.” It discusses the difficulty of what to do in such an event. As the editors say, “Amidst an almost palpable sense of communal heartache, we as journalists came to a challenging question: how much can, or should, these pages say?” They discuss the decision to run three articles covering different aspects of the event: an obituary, a news article about her illness and death, and an op-ed article by her friends. The piece deals well with this difficult topic, and should be read by anyone who is interested in the sensitive issues surrounding the death of a current and beloved student.

As mentioned above, one of this week’s op-eds is written by two of Katie’s close friends, and is full of their memories of Katie. It includes a large picture of Katie with a group of eight friends, including the two writers of the piece, on Mountain Day this past fall atop Stony Ledge.

I will post the articles when they become available online (they are much too long to type out.)

Condolences to all.


Katie Craig’s memorial service

The following e-mail is on behalf of Dean Roseman:

To the Campus Community:

We have just learned that Katie Craig’s memorial service is going to be held this Friday, April 13th at 3:00pm at the St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church in Falmouth (

We have arranged for bus transportation which will leave the Dennett side of Mission Park at 8:00am and will return from Falmouth at 7:00pm. I encourage students to consult their professors if you will be missing classes to attend the service. To ensure that we have enough seats, please reply to this message if you plan to ride the bus.


Nancy Roseman
Dean of the College


The Passing of Katie Craig ’08

The following e-mail is from Dean Roseman (image added):

It is with a heavy heart that I write to report the death of a member of the Williams community:

Katherine Craig ’08, while home on leave from the College, took her life after a valiant battle with mental illness. Our deepest sympathies go to her friends and family at this sad time.

Many here in the Williams family knew Katie as a warm, bright student, dedicated to environmental issues; underscored by her contract major in environmental science and ecology. She was an accomplished athlete–scoring regularly for our Division 1 Nordic ski team. A brilliant artist, she used her talents to deepen her appreciation of nature and to advance her advocacy for it. A painting of hers hangs in the office of the Center for Environmental Studies.

She had recently achieved Honorable Mention in the Udall Scholar program, an honor given for commitment to a career in the environment, leadership potential, and academic achievement. Katie had all this and much more.

She was beloved. Members of the campus community are understandably shocked and saddened. I encourage us all to be aware of who around us could use our support.

We will pass on to you details of services or other arrangements when they are known.

Nancy Roseman
Dean of the College


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