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Unwedded Bliss

Page 6 checks in with CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric and Brooks Perlin ’96, finds everything to be in working order.

Couric has been dating Perlin for more than three years, to the surprise of rumor-mongers who periodically have them splitting up.

Those rumor-mongers mostly come from your newspaper, Page 6, but no matter.  Anyways, the fact that Katie and Brooks are still going isn’t really news.  As usual, the Post buries the lede:

Also nibbling cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery …

Mmm … frosting.  Some guys just have all the luck.


Look Who’s Coming To Dinner

Were you invited to the big White House dinner last month? Me either. But Brooks Perlin ’96 and Commencement Speaker Katie Couric were. And they looked fabulous! Note the purple hue to Couric’s dress. Clearly a reference to her honorary Williams degree and to the college that brought (?) her and Brooks together. The New York Times reports:

It is an old tradition, a White House dinner governed by ritual and protocol that happens to be this city’s hottest social event. But at their first state dinner on Tuesday night, President Obama and his wife, Michelle, made sure to infuse the glittering gala with distinctive touches.

They hired a new florist, Laura Dowling, who bedecked the tented outdoor dining room with locally grown, sustainably harvested magnolia branches and ivy. They selected a guest chef, Marcus Samuelsson of Aquavit in New York, an American citizen who was born in Ethiopia, reared in Sweden and cooks up melting pots of flavors and cuisines.

Perhaps our Eph entertaining experts can offer some commentary . . .

Here is the guest list. Any other Ephs?

More gossip below:

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Perlin ’96 to Wed?

The year is almost over. Why no news about this?

Going somewhat the other way, rumor has it that Katie Couric, 52, may wed her 35-year-old smoochums Brooks Perlin this year. If she starts to nod off during the CBS Nightly News, it could be a clue. . . .

Related story from last January.

Katie Couric and her younger beau, Brooks Perlin, are still going strong. The two were seen dining on matzoh ball soup and salads at Junior’s Restaurant in Times Square last week.

Apologies for falling behind on our Couric-Perlin blogging. Couric was the Commencement Speaker in 2007 and I have a crazy theory that it was the Williams connection that brought the two together. And no one loves an Eph marriage more than EphBlog!

Gawker complains:

Katie Couric isn’t Jewish. Neither is her young lover Brooks Perlin. So why were they eating matzoh ball soup at Junior’s? That’s our soup, lady! Back off.

Gawker should back off. Couric is Jewish, just like every other white Commencement Speaker (except for Morris Dees) during the Morty era. Not that there is anything wrong with that!



A story from last year that still brings the occasional reader to EphBlog.

The latest issue of our favorite tabloid, The National Enquirer, has a story claiming that there are even more cringe-worthy photos possibly coming. 50 year-old gummy-grinning newscaster Katie Couric is being blackmailed for $1 million over photos that her 33 year-old boytoy, Brooks Perlin, left at a party. Katie’s camp claims they’re just friendly vacation snaps, but why would someone try to extort a million bucks out of Katie for some tame personal pictures?

“Intimate” snapshots of Katie Couric romping with her hot young sweetie Brooks Perlin have been discovered in a camera that Katie left behind at a party, insiders say.

Now sources say the pictures are in the hands of a person who’s demanding a whopping $1 million to return them… !

“The personal photos have been described as ‘intimate’ – and Katie obviously never wants them to be made public,” a source told The Enqurier.

“While there are no nude photos of Katie, she looks anything but the anchor of a network newscast in them. They’re candid pictures taken on trips and dates with Brooks.

“If these photos make their way to web sites and blogs, it could be very embarrassing.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, December 3, 2007]

So is Katie wasted in these pictures? Is she wearing lingerie or posing seductively or something? I want to know!

Can’t help you. We have no pictures here. And why would you believe The National Enquirer about anything . . .



Marcos Sahm ’04 notes this Gawker post on Brook Perlin’s ’96 girlfriend Katie Couric.

Less than a month after her CBS debut, she attended a cancer fund-raiser in Manhattan where she was introduced to a tall, good-looking young man by the name of Brooks Perlin. Unlike the self-made types Katie had been attracted to in the past – Jay Monahan, Tom Werner, and Chris Botti – Perlin came from a family of privilege. And at thirty-three years of age, he was, biologically speaking, young enough to be forty-nine-year-old Katie’s son.

Perlin grew up in the tony suburban community of Darien, Connecticut. After graduating from Hotchkiss (the same elite boarding school attended by Tom Werner), he went to Williams College. There he was known as a jock who liked to parade around – a la John F. Kennedy Jr. – without his shirt on.

Though Katie found herself drawn to the young and energetic Perlin, their nearly seventeen-year age difference gave her pause. But when Perlin called for a date, Katie couldn’t resist saying yes.

The irresistible allure of an Eph man . . .

I should stop right there.

Anyway, this excerpt is from a forthcoming biography of Couric. See Gawker for more details and lots of snarky commentary. And people say that EphBlog is mean! Prior posts here.


Cougars, Tigers and Ephs — Oh My!

This Deal Breaker entry features two Ephs.

To be honest, if the headline involves Katie Couric we’re probably not reading the story. That’s why we skipped Page Six’s scoop on Katie Couric’s new “boy toy” Brooks Perlin. But we shouldn’t have. The thirty-three year old Perlin is a three-time hedge fund washout, according to the Sixers.

Not only has Perlin worked for three Connecticut-based hedge funds in the last five years, he hasn’t had a full-time job since September, a source told the Post’s Marianne Garvey. He last worked at Keel Capital Management in Stamford but left to start a Queens-based company that creates environmentally friendly, green-building products. Before that, the spin-class-obsessed triathlete worked for a short time at both Pequot Capital Management and Grange Park, a hedge fund that’s now closed.

The Sixers also note that Perlin has a history of dating older women so it may be slightly inappropriate to apply the “urban cougar” label to her. After all, cougars are predators and Couric may just be aging prey. But we have to admit we enjoyed underthecounter’s extended metaphor: “Dangerous animals stalk all corners of Wall Street. Tiger Cubs come to mind, and although Chase Coleman might be hitting the ball out of the park, not all Tiger Cubs are quite so fearsome. The latest big hunt on the Street involves a cougar.”

Note to UTC: next time include sharks, dogs, hogs, cows, vultures and John Mack.

Not John Mack! To complete the Williams trio, you want the Eph who should have gotten Mack’s job as president of Morgan Stanley: limp-wristed Williams trustee Robert Scott ’68. See previous coverage of Perlin ’96 and Coleman ’97.

Today’s puzzler: Which is more impressive, dating Katie Couric or making a 9 figure income? Bicentennial Medals will be awarded in just 3 months . . .


Snarky Blogs

I have tried to figure out the connection between Katie Couric as Commencement Speaker and Katie Couric as Eph girlfriend (of Brooks Perlin ’96) for several months. On the one hand, it seemed unlikely that it was a coincidence that Couric’s boyfriend and speaking plans were both Eph-related. On the other hand, the timing made little sense. Commencement Speakers are selected well in advanced and, yet, Couric and Perlin only started dating in the fall.

The Record solves the mystery.

Katie Couric will be sharing her pearls of wisdom at this year’s Commencement, but don’t believe the rumors – she is not speaking at this year’s graduation because of her alum boyfriend, Brooks Perlin ’96. “He has nothing to do with it,” she said. “No, I agreed to this two years ago. He doesn’t wield that much influence, tell them.” But Couric does have personal ties to the College, albeit less sensational ones. “My sister [Clara Couric Batchelor] spent her junior year at Williams and my brother-in-law [James P. Batchelor ’72] went to Williams,” she said. “Williams was actually my safety school … I’m kidding. That’s a joke.” Couric explained that she had been asked to speak at Commencement two years ago, but rescheduled for 2007 because of prior commitments. “I’m really very, very honored because I know what a fine school Williams is and what a beautiful place Williamstown is.”

But she still remained mum about her much-younger boyfriend. “I thought this was the Williams school newspaper not EphBlog,” Couric said. “Honey, I am not going to get into all this stuff, it’s not something I’m talking about. Thank you for asking, I appreciate your chutzpah.” She may be America’s sweetheart, but Couric is no pushover.

OK, I admit it. I made up that part about EphBlog. Couric actually used some other publication (The National Enquirer) as her example of a sleazy, celebrity-obsessed gossip rag.

The Boston Globe confirms this account.

In nabbing high-profile commencement speakers, sometimes it’s all in whom you know. Behind many of the star speakers is a personal tie with a university president, a trustee, or an alumnus.

While many colleges are upfront about the personal ties that land big names, some, such as Williams College, are reluctant to divulge details of the courtship, creating intrigue.

Snarky gossip columns and blogs have speculated whether Couric accepted Williams College’s invitation to speak at commencement on June 2 because of a possible new love interest. Press reports last month tied Couric to Brooks Perlin, a New York entrepreneur and a 1996 Williams alumnus.

“It’s simply coincidental,” Mathew Hiltzik, a Couric spokesman, said in a phone interview with the Globe.

He stressed that another friend of Couric with ties to Williams first invited her two years ago, but that she couldn’t accept because of her impending departure from the “Today Show.” He also pointed out that Couric’s brother-in-law and other family members are Williams alumni.


1) Since it is almost certain that the writer used EphBlog as a source, he should credit us.

2) Who is this other “friend of Couric with ties to Williams?” EphBlog readers want to know!

3) And this makes the whole story even better! Now, instead of speculation about how the Couric/Perlin relationship led to an invitation to Commencement, we have evidence going the other way, reason to believe that the speech caused the relationship.

Imagine that you are Brooks Perlin, meeting a beautiful celebrity, desperately casting about for an interesting topic of conversation. Presto! Turns out that the two of you have Williams in common.

Not the first relationship to be started discussing the wonder of our Purple Mountains . . .



More on Couric/Perlin from the always reliable Page 6.

Katie “Cougar” Couric and her athletic boy wonder, Brooks Perlin, were clearly on a roll as they hit Beantown for some fast fun in the sun over the weekend.

The perennially preppy pair arrived on an afternoon flight Saturday, and the hunky Perlin immediately jumped into the role of gentleman, grabbing his lady’s luggage as they headed from the Boston airport.

Couric, 50, sported summer-sexy espadrilles, a black skirt, shades – and her trademark smile – as she demurely walked a few feet behind her man, a triathlete 17 years her junior.

The CBS anchor snagged Perlin at a Louis Licari salon event last fall, and she’s been running around with him ever since. She lost her husband, Jay Monahan, the father of her two kids, to cancer in 1998.

Couric has recently been spotted arriving at Perlin’s tony East Side apartment building, close to Sutton Place, for late-night cuddling.

EphBlog takes a strong position in favor of cuddling, late-night or otherwise. Unfortunately, the lovely couple was too busy in Boston to make time for your humble reporter. Maybe next time!


The Bod

Most of the thousands of new visitors to EphBlog not interested in Hitler posters are probably coming because of this People article about Brooks Perlin ’96 and some newscaster.


After six months of dating 33-year-old entrepreneur Brooks Perlin, Katie Couric, 50, isn’t worried about the younger-man thing, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue.

“The age difference scared her off at first,” says a friend of the CBS Evening News anchor, who agreed to have dinner with Perlin a few weeks after chatting with him at a Manhattan cancer fund-raiser in September.

Since that first date, the pair have shared nights out at Manhattan’s Gramercy Hotel’s Rose Bar and the “21” Club, attended the Super Bowl in Miami and gone skiing in Sun Valley, where they stayed at the home of casino mogul Steve Wynn.

“Perlin is a nice guy,” says Couric’s friend. “He’s extremely smart. He’s honest. He doesn’t play games. He’s sweet. Normal. Really grounded. It’s a drama-free relationship.”

Adds the pal: “They do the same things any new couple would do. They sometimes stay in and watch movies. They go on trips. … They spend a lot of time together, considering how busy they both are.”

So who is Brooks Perlin? The prep school-educated son of a rich Connecticut family, he attended Williams College, where he played on the tennis team and was known for “laserlike volleys,” says one schoolmate, “and lots of shirtlessness. He seemed to enjoy displaying the bod.”

These days, he competes in triathlons, keeping to a grueling training schedule while starting up a business to market green construction materials (he previously worked for several New York City hedge funds).

“They seem comfortable with each other,” says her friend. “She’s a very young 50. She’s playful. She’s cute. She’s down-to-earth. And he’s mature. They seem happy.”

For more on Katie’s new romance, pick up this week’s PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

1) There’s more? Surely there is at least one People reader among EphBlog readers. Tell us the more.

2) It is pathetic that EphBlog, the site dedicated to “All Things Ephs” can’t do some more original reporting. I, for one, have been wasting too much time on lesser matters. Tell us something (nice) about Perlin’s time at Williams.

3) It is amazing that a relationship which only started 6 months ago (October?) led to a Commencement speech this year. Who made that happen? Who knew about this not-public relationship and made the connection? Did Morty somehow find out about it and reach out to Perlin? Did someone else on the Honorary Degree committee hear a rumor? There is a story to be told.


All The Sex

Every gossip hound on the internets is coming to EphBlog, searching for information about Brooks Perlin ’96. Was there big news recently?

The Boston Herald claims that “Perlin also helped his alma mater, Williams College, score Couric to be commencement speaker June 3. So it must be love.” This is probably true, but no sources are provided. Also:

How many women do you know who are stressed about cavorting around with a boytoy 17 years her junior??? “CBS Evening News” gal Katie Couric is not only down in the dumps about her failure to boost the Eye network’s news out of the ratings basement, she’s melting down about her affair with a 33-year-old former triathlete, reports the National Enquirer.

Couric, 50, has been quietly dating financial analyst Brooks L. Perlin for the past six months and is agonizing over their formidable age difference. Katie, you may remember, dated more age appropriate Red Sox [team stats] cheese Tom Werner for a couple of years, but they broke it off in 2004. “Katie loves to describe all the sex they are having, but she’s clearly conscious of the age difference between them,” a pal tattled to the tabloid. “She keeps asking people if they think Brooks looks older than he really is.”

In fact, Couric is so obsessed with Perlin’s youth that she continues to see other men, a friend confessed. “Jazz musician Chris Botti is still in the picture, and Katie dates other guys too,” the friend said, “but she does consider Brooks her boyfriend right now.”

The two have taken romantic getaways to Mexico and Sun Valley, Idaho, and they even attended the Super Bowl in Miami, but she insisted Brooks sit a seat away from her so they wouldn’t be photographed together, a source told the Enquirer. However, the F.O.K. dished that the newsgal allows the Darien, Conn., native to sleep over at the haute home she shares with her two daughters, Ellie, 15 and Carrie, 11.

The Enquirer’s latest expose on the notoriously perky TV personality also delves into her battle with depression and frequent rages directed at her co-workers. In fact, sources tell the tabloid her colleagues often take bets on who will be the next victim of Couric’s vitriol! Katie’s moodiness is thought to be a direct effect of the criticism she’s had to endure since joining CBS last fall.

Note that AgeMatch seems to have bought “brooks perlin” as a key word search term on Google. Is that the definition of fame in the internet age? The tag line for the link is:

Date Singles Much Older or Younger. Hundreds of Thousands of Members

Good to know.


Figure Himself Out

Most Ephs don’t get mentioned in the NY Post‘s famous Page 6 gossip column. But most Ephs don’t date news anchors.

Katie Couric may want to assign a couple of her investigative reporters at the “CBS Evening News” to shadow Brooks Perlin, her new boy-toy.

Perlin, 33 – whom Couric, 50, snagged at a Louis Licari salon event last fall and has been running around with since – seems to have a hard time settling down in a career as well as having a “pattern” of dating older women, a source says.

Not only has Perlin worked for three Connecticut-based hedge funds in the last five years, he hasn’t had a full-time job since September, a source told the Post’s Marianne Garvey.

He last worked at Keel Capital Management in Stamford but left to start a Queens-based company that creates environmentally friendly, green-building products. Before that, the spin-class-obsessed triathlete worked for a short time at both Pequot Capital Management and Grange Park, a hedge fund that’s now closed.

“If someone isn’t working out at three hedge funds, chances are it’s not the place you’re working at,” said the source. “Brooks is a free spirit, but he’s a 33-year-old going on 18. And he hasn’t taken life seriously so far – he’s trying to figure himself out.”

According to the source, Perlin’s lack of focus stems from a “horrible accident that happened to an immediate family member” in his past. “It happened sometime before he was 10 years old, it was just an accident. After that, he was sheltered and he was very protected,” said our source, who adds Perlin “has a pattern of dating women much older and has a very complicated relationship with his mother over what happened.”

Meanwhile, we’ve learned that his mom, Anne Perlin, was busted last November for fourth-degree larceny. She was found guilty and fined $200 in a Stamford court.

Couric has often been spotted getting out of her limousine and heading to Perlin’s East Side apartment near Sutton Place, where a female resident complained that he “checks out every girl that walks by.” An ex-girlfriend of Perlin also backs up the claim, saying, “That’s totally accurate, he has a wandering eye.”

I am still trying to figure myself out, too.

We are still trying to confirm that it was Perlin’s connection to Couric which led to her agreeing to be the commencement speaker. Does anyone have further confirmation. If Couric and Perlin only started dating “last fall” (September? Decemember?), that doesn’t leave a lot of time to make things happen. Most college are finalizing their commencement speakers well before the official announcements in March. There were rumors that Couric/Perlin were seen around Williamstown. Are those accurate? Does Perlin have a house in the area?


Memories of Brooks Perlin ’96

There is voracious demand from celebrity stalkers around the world for information about Brooks Perlin ’96, boyfriend of Katie Couric. EphBlog is here to help! Do you have a non-libelous story about Brooks? Did you play tennis or squash with him at Williams? Do you remember him from class or the dining hall? Tell us a (nice, preferably) story. The world needs your help.

For starters, can we get to the bottom of whether or not his relationship with Couric is connected to her invitation to be the commencement speaker?

Wait, do you really think her selection as commencement speaker had anything to do with the fact that she is dating some random Eph alum? Seems like a stretch to me, unless Brooks is somehow connected to the Williams trustees or something.

I don’t know. The Perlin/Couric relationship is not brand new, so the timing is plausible. Jessica Taylor knew about it in March. Note that Couric is famous enough that Williams is happy to invite her. Perlin did not get the gig for Couric, he helped (?) Williams get Couric for the gig. Surely we have source on the Honors Committee that can help us out.

I am perplexed as to what Perlin does for a living, other than triathlons. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Does he have a house (baronial mansion?) in Williamstown? His family is wealthy. Nothing wrong with that, either! Some of my closest friends, et cetera. Local residents should help us out. I assume that the reports that Couric and Perlin were seen around Williamstown (when?) are accurate. If so, a smart college president like Morty would a) Find that out and b) Use the connection to nab a famous speaker.

The goal here is not pernicious gossip. Really! The goal is nice, feel good stories about an Eph in love (with a US media star).


Eph Cougar

There were rumors that Katie Couric as commencement speaker was connected to her relationship with someone in Williamstown. Those rumors were true.

Who cares about ratings when you’ve got your very own hunky triathlete on the mark and ready to go?

Katie Couric’s dishy new boy toy is a good-looking, physically fit, almost 33-year-old East Sider with a posh pedigree.

Brooks Perlin – son of financier Sanford Perlin of Darien, Conn. – has been running around with the perky anchorwoman-turned-cougar for several months, according to a source.

“These are two private people and I respect that,” said Sanford Perlin yesterday, when reached at his office at Kleos Capital Management.

His mother, Anne Perlin, 68, didn’t want to comment on her son’s new 50-year-old girlfriend.

“I don’t believe in any meddling in people’s personal lives,” she said.

When pressed, she added, “It’s a lovely story and I hope we don’t ruin it.”

Odds are Couric the cougar – a lighthearted term for older women who devour younger men – hopes the same.

She has languished in the ratings since moving from NBC’s “Today Show” to anchor the “CBS Evening News” last fall.

Her relationship with TV mogul Tom Werner fizzled in 2004. Since then, she had an on-again, off-again fling with jazz musician Chris Botti.

But at 17 years her junior, Perlin could be the breath of fresh air she needs.

She’s often spotted arriving in a limo at his tony East Side apartment building, close to Sutton Place.

“She arrives at, like, 11,” said one resident. “She’s always in a suit and heels.”

The female resident also said that the perennially khaki-clad Perlin has a roving eye.

“He’s always checking out every girl who walks by,” she complained.

Last July, Perlin competed in the Greenwich Cup triathlon – where he swam, ran, and cycled – and finished in an impressive one hour, 19 minutes and 16 seconds.

He also has a plummy academic background. He was known as “Woody” at the Hotchkiss School, a 100-year-old Connecticut boarding school, and he grew up in plush Darien.

As a kid, he hammed it up in a performance of “The Music Man” at the Darien Arts Center, where his mother is on the board of directors.

Then he was off to prestigious Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., where he played on the tennis team.

He met Couric – who lost her husband, Jay Monahan, the father of her two kids to cancer in 1998 – through mutual friends, said a source.

After months of being under the radar, the two recently went public, attending “The Year of Magical Thinking” on Broadway.

Perlin is class of 1996. Polite commentary welcome. Pictures sought.


Couric as Commencement Speaker

Katie Couric will deliver the 2007 commencement address.

Shiranee Tilakawardane will deliver the Baccalaureate address.

To me, the Baccalaureate speaker sounds a lot more interesting, plus she has a connection to Williams (her son is a senior according to the article). I think she would have been a bolder choice. I guarantee that she would have some incredible anecdotes to share.

Sounds like the college may be sticking with a global theme for commencement exercises. Last year it was dance, this year appears to be women’s rights / pioneering women. At least the topic this year has broad appeal rather than a niche audience.


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