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Hardy ’10 to the Knicks?

From the New York Post:

Another link to San Antonio is expected to interview for the Knicks coaching job – young Spurs assistant Will Hardy.

An NBA source confirmed the Spurs granted the Knicks permission to speak to Hardy, 31, who is currently a Gregg Popovich assistant coach and some believe could be his heir apparent.

Hardy, who is a Williams College graduate, is in his 10th season with the Spurs – the last four as an assistant coach. Prior, he was a video coordinator and a scout.

Good luck to Hardy!


Hardy ’10 New Assistant Coach at San Antonio Spurs

Twitter is blowing up with news that Will Hardy ’10 will be a new assistant coach at the San Antonio Spurs.

The San Antonio Spurs on Monday announced that Will Hardy and Tim Duncan will be added to Gregg Popovich’s bench as assistant coaches.

Hardy first joined the Spurs as a basketball operations intern in 2010 after graduating from Williams College.

“Will Hardy is a talented, young basketball mind who has earned a great deal of respect from everyone in the organization thanks to his knowledge, spirit and personality,” said Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich.

Oh, yeah. Some other guy also got hired as an assistant coach, but EphBlog doesn’t care about that!


Hardy ’10 to Spurs

A nice story about Will Hardy ’10 joining the San Antonio Spurs as a basketball operations intern.

Hardy’s main duties will revolve around managing the Spurs’ scouting database of top college players, current NBA players the Spurs are looking at for trade possibilities, and international players. “I’m ready to do anything they ask me to do,” notes Hardy. “They need someone to run to the airport, I’m on it. I just want to get in there and learn the business.”

Do you want to get a job in professional sports? Take classes at Williams that prepare you for a job like this. Take Computer Science 134 and 136. Take as many Statistics classes as you can. (See here for more details on course selection.) Write a thesis that looks at sports data in a serious way. Those are the skills — along with a passion for sports — that front offices most need and that you, as a extremely intelligent Eph, are most likely to have a competitive advantage in, especially compared to the other ex-college athletes seeking those jobs.

It was a long process to secure the position of Basketball Operations Intern against 69 other candidates, but Will Hardy is glad he did and glad he had the support of current Eph head coach Mike Maker and former Eph head coach Curt Tong. Tong coached the Ephs from 1974 through 1983, taking a year’s sabbatical in the 1981-82 season.

Hardy found out about the job opportunity with the Spurs through Tong, whom he’s become quite close to over the last 18 months. “Coach Tong knew that I’d spent the previous summer working with the Utah Jazz in marketing/sales and he asked if I might want to try the other side of basketball in an NBA team office,” states Hardy, who greatly values having Tong as a mentor and friend.

Read the whole thing. Tong seems like a good guy. Did any EphBlog readers know him back in the day?

UPDATE: An anonymous source provides an update on other former Eph basketball players:

Charlie Cates — working in Chicago as a physical trainer
Joe Geoghegan — working at United Talent Agency in Los Angeles as an agent/intern after graduating as an ESPN Academic All American
Will Hardy — the Spurs
Mike Moorstein — Post Graduate Fellowship at the Economic Policy Research Institute in Cape Town, South Africa, after being NESCAC all academic, graduating Williams with honors and deferring admission to graduate school
Blake Schultz — playing basketball in Europe in the German Bundesliga, putting Teach for America and medical school on hold, after winning the Jostens Trophy and being a Division III All American


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