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Family Days

Family Days start tomorrow.

1) When did Freshmen Parents’ Day become Family Days? Back in the 80s, there were two family weekends each academic year. The fall event was for Freshmen. The spring (April?) event was for all families. Also, when did a single “Day” become “Days?” If EphBlog won’t keep track of this history, who will?

2) Where were you, dear reader, 65 years ago?

I know one reader who was having trouble writing essays as polished as those from the boys who had prepped at Deerfield! How do Maud’s communications with first year parents compare to those from Phinney Baxter ’14? You can be sure that she doesn’t use the word “boy” to describe male first years!

3) Will any first year entries be throwing cocktail parties for the parents? I hope so. I still remember the hard work that our JAs put into hosting a such a party, 35 years ago. I also remember how the mom of one of the students from the entry made the female students seem like little girls . . .

Stacy’s Mom by Eph band Fountains of Wayne was probably the most commercially successful song by Williams alumni during the 2000’s. (If not, what was?)

I don’t think that either Chris Collingwood ’89 and Adam Schlesinger ’89 have been awarded Bicentennial Medals yet. Consider this EphBlog’s nomination.

I will resist the urge to see if there are any current Williams students named Stacy . . .


Fall Family Days

Did any EphBlog readers attend Freshmen Family Weekend events?

Tell us about them! I would be especially curious about Adam Falk’s Saturday Q&A. Also, can anyone identify this Eph and his family?

Below the break is the full schedule of events, saved for the benefit of future historians.
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Letter from Baxter

Not sure why I am so fascinated by events at Williams 50 years ago, but I can resist posting a letter from the late James P. Baxter.


1) Again, I love the way that the letter refers to your “boy” at Williams.

2) I recall that the President Baxter was referred to using the name Phinneas, which I guess might have been his middle name. By all accounts that I have read, he had an incredibly important influence on Williams. I think that there was a great article about him in the Alumni Review a few years ago (at the time of his death), but I could be confused.

3) The original letter that I have seems to be signed by President Baxter. Did he sign every letter? Does President Schapiro? ;-)

4) Note how the letter is somewhat customized, explicitly noting that my grandparents had indicated that they would be visiting for Parents Week-end.

5) I love the fact that there were JA’s 50 years ago and that there are JA’s now. If they run the JA selection process now the way it was run 15 years ago, then the notices for this year about who was accepted and who was not are about to be sent out.


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