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Your Move

We need more Williams chess blogging! Who can explain how Tianyue Zhou beat Amherst?

White to move and win a pawn.

Expert commentary sought!


Vintage Photos

Thanks to Sports Information Director Dick Quinn for pointing out this gallery of photos from the vintage game on Sunday.


Walking and laughing is classmate Sean Logan ’88, who later on hit the winning two-run homer.


Scott Garfield ’88 (with gold W) and Lew Collins ’88 (directly behind the catcher) watch as Williams bats, with Brooks Foehl ’88 in the stands between Scott and Lew.

And please don’t make any snide comments about Sean, at least if you have a child who will be applying to Williams anytime soon. Sean is associate director of admissions. Between him and Brooks (new Secretary of the Alumni Society) and faculty member Katie Kent ’88 and Tom Smith ’88, is it fair to say that the class of 1988 is the most powerful Williams class? Probably not. We need some trustees. My application is still “pending,” for some reason . . .

Congratulations to all in what seems to have been a fun and well-planned event.


Williams Tops Amherst



(Special thanks to Parent ’12 for linking to this lively article in the NY Times about yesterday’s re-enactment of the 1859 game.)

Some fun facts:

*Williams was trounced by Amherst in that original face-off, with a 25-inning game, and an end score of  73-32!

*The field was not a diamond back then, but instead, the configuration you see here. 

*The umpire wore a bowler hat, waistcoat and tails (something of which I believe even Rechtal would approve).


What fun!

Who was there to witness the antics? Could we get a first-hand report?


Huge Sports Sunday

Today is a huge day for Williams’ athletics.  Of course, the headline event is the 150th anniversay baseball game, which you can watch and listen to here.  The women’s lacrosse team is attempting to duplicate last year’s men’s lacrosse cinderella playoff run in today’s NESCAC championship vs. third-ranked Colby.  The question is, how much gas is left in the tank after a road upset of Trinity and yesterday’s double overtime upset over top-seeded Tufts.  Women’s tennis is also in the NESCAC championship, and will try to knock off top-seeded Amherst in what is sure to be a hotly contested rubber match (they have played twice this season, and each won a 5-4 match) between two of the top teams in the nation.


Historic Baseball Grudge Match

The most hyped Eph sporting event since College Gameday broacast from Weston Field is nearly here: the 150th Anniversary game between Amherst and Williams is being played this Sunday in Pittsfield, and will be broacast live on the web as well as on a delayed TV broadcast next week on ESPNU.   Just like 150 years ago, a chess match will also be played prior to the game (let’s just hope Williams snuck a chess grandmaster through admissions at some point in the last four years in anticipation).  You can read more about the game here, here, and here.  In addition to the historic nature of the game, quite a bit is at stake: Williams and Amherst are currently both locks for the NESCAC playoffs, but the winner of this game clinches the NESCAC West championship and the right to host next week’s NESCAC baseball championship (in which, in all events, both will be decided underdogs against defending national champion Trinity).


Baseball ’09

All of the recent talk about the upcoming 150th anniversary of collegiate baseball (which will be celebrated on May 3rd in nearby Pittsfield), inspired me to take a look at the baseball schedule. Lo and behold, the first conference game takes place at noon today with Middlebury, in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. (I hope our snowbirds are donning sunscreen). Tomorrow’s schedule  features a double-header.

From the look of said schedule, it looks like training got off to a rough start with the first few games, but they seem to have turned the tide, winning the last three.

Fingers crossed. Go Ephs!


Williams/Amherst Baseball, 150 years in the making

Pittsfield will host, and ESPNU with televise, the 150th anniversary of America’s first inter-collegiate baseball game. May 3rd, 1 p.m. There will also be a “vintage game,” chess match reenactment, and $1000 poster design contest.

Details here and here.

Amherst won the first contest between the two schools by a score of 73 to 32, in 25 innings. When the two schools couldn’t agree on a site, the Pittsfield Base Ball Club donated its grounds, a field located near the intersection of North St. and Maplewood Ave. The schools have played each other 292 times, and Amherst leads the series 164-125-2. Each team has won 12 times since 2000.

EDIT @ 11:19 – It’s in May, not March, as has been pointed out in the comments.


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