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Jackall Votes Trump

Registered Democrat and son-of-a-union-steel-worker Professor Robert Jackall voted for Donald Trump. He writes:

The issues to me are quite clear:

1.our over-regulated economy

2. our destructive trade deals

3. our ‘deal’ with Iran’

4. Obama’s dereliction of duty in opening our borders to all comers. The principal loser of his actions is precisely black Americans, though they don’t recognize the destructive consequences of his immigration policies because of their racial loyalty to him.

5. The necessity for tax cuts instead of increases.

6. the necessity for a massive de-regulation to eliminate the growth-crushing burden created by Obama’s regulations

7. the necessity to rein in presidential executive orders, which pervert the constitution.

8. the necessity to come to grips with the national debt, increased by 100 percent under Obama. This issue alone will destroy us if we leave it unaddressed.

First, political diversity among the faculty is important, so it is nice that there is at least one Trump voter among the 300+ professors at Williams. Are there any others?

Second, the Williams Forum is a new student organization, similar to the old Williams College Debate Union. It ought to host a collection of debates about Trump with a variety of liberal faculty members arguing against Jackall.

Third, which of the above arguments do our readers find most/least compelling?


Jackall on Moore ’36

As a follow up to our obituary on Barrington Moore, Professor Robert Jackall provided this paper on “The Education of Barrington Moore, Jr.”

Moore’s wide-ranging grasp of different epochs is the product of a lifetime of feeding the flame of his curiosity, kindled by the classical liberal arts education of his youth, about how the intricacies and subtleties of language, culture, social structure, and history shape institutional forces and biographies to create sometimes fantastic social worlds.

Read the whole thing. More Williams students should do this sort of research, using the reseources of the College to explore the interesting lives of prominent graduates.



Lest I be accused of anti-Jackall bias because of my comments here, I should attest that Professor Jackall is clearly a thoughtful and important member of the faculty. One example is his fine work three years ago:

The Gaudino Forum welcomed 19 alumni to recount and discuss their experiences regarding Sept. 11. The forum, held Sunday night and entitled “Views from Ground Zero: Alumni Recall Sept. 11,” was organized by Robert Jackall, professor of sociology and Gaudino Scholar, in conjunction with the alumni office. The event drew a mix of students, professors, alumni and families and friends of the speakers.

“The event really springs out of a certain conception of this institution,” said Jackall. “[It is] the conception of a cross-generational community of learning… where men and women who go out into the world are willing to return and share…even the quandaries and moral ambiguities they experienced in such a crisis.”

No one believes more than EphBlog in Williams as a “cross-generational community of learning.” This looks like something for our Quote Wall, if I can get the context better.

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