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Grissom at Williams

What happened when Grissom came to Williams? Now, we know. (Background here.)

Not unlike some Eph relationships, now that you mention it . . .


Swamp Mosquito

We need to do more with this story line from CSI.

This week, as Keppler is making his fate, Grissom is returning from teaching a seminar on the seasonal behaviors of the Walden Pond swamp mosquito at Williams College. His eyes are as hollow as ever, his face as droopy and it’s a reminder that, over time, it’s possible to wring some genuine quirk out of even the most unforgiving of Borgs.

Perhaps someone could create a YouTube video of all the Eph-references in CSI. Start here.


CSI: Williams Sweatshirt

Judging from some of our Google hits, Williams made another appearance on CSI last night. Previous stories here. The episode summary reports:

Meanwhile, Hodges parks himself in front of Grissom, digging for info about his leave of absence to teach at Hodges’ alma mater. He’s chatty, and Grissom is relieved when Catherine interrupts.

Is David Hodges an Eph? If he is the same age as Wallace Langham, the actor who plays him, Hodges would be class of 1987. I stopped watching CSI before this character appeared, so perhaps other readers can provide more details. The episode summary suggests that Grissom (the lead character) is coming to Williams, not just for a lecture, but for a four week sabbatical, perhaps teaching a Winter Study class?

And now we just need someone to post a video or screen grab of the sweatshirt scene, something beyond my technical abilities.

UPDATE [Eric]: Here are screenshots from when it was looking into the box, and when Grissom pulls it out with Hodges standing at the desk.


CSI: Update

Did anyone see the CSI episode with the Williams reference? It was entitle “Happenstance.” Key scene:

In the morgue, Warrick is taken aback when he sees the two women on gurneys, side by side. They wore the same toe nail polish, had the same watch on their wrists. Their causes of death are obvious, but Doc Robbins says Amanda died a few hours ahead of her sister. At least they didn’t share everything.

In his office, Grissom peruses a letter sent to him by a university, requesting his presence to teach a graduate seminar. Would he consider a sabbatical? Maybe… His reverie is broken by Catherine, who arrives to inform him, “Our two cases have become one.” Catherine is thinking Jill killed Amanda, then herself. It’s a simple murder-suicide. There were no visual connections between the twins; no photos of Amanda in Jill’s house, no phone numbers in each other’s phone books. So are the cases really connected?

The entire episode is available on the web. If I were technologically sophisticated, I would pull out the Williams scene and post the video at YouTube or at least a screen shot at Flickr. Can someone cool help us out? Note also a reference in the episode to a topic discussed here at EphBlog.

UPDATE: [by Eric]
Here is the inlined image as referenced below in the comments.


CSI: Williamstown

We need someone to post this snippet on YouTube.

A television program featuring gory police work will shine its spotlight on Williams College next week and in another upcoming show, if only for a few moments.

CBS contacted the college’s public affairs department about a month ago to say Williams would be mentioned during two episodes of “CSI (Crime Scene Investigation),” first on Nov. 16 and again on Jan. 4.

The show, set in Las Vegas, is ranked one of the 10 most-watched programs on prime-time television and has spawned two popular spin-offs, “CSI: Miami” and “CSI: New York.”

According to the Williams Record, next week’s episode will include a scene in which protagonist Gil Grissom receives an invitation printed on Williams letterhead to give a series of lectures at the college. In the January episode, another main character, David Hodges, will give Grissom a Williams sweatshirt.

Great stuff. Nicely written Record article here.

What we really need is a montage of all the Williams mentions in the popular media, collected together along with background and commentary. Don’t forget Gaylord Focker! A perfect Winter Study project . . .


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