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“One word … Law” has replaced ‘plastics’ for “The Graduate”


… better call Saul to the White House!

In case you forgot my 18 May post and the July 11 post (Redux). In May it was thought that “Dick Swart jumps the shark. Again.”

And for that Williams link: Although fewer Class of ’17 grads went on to law school v Amherst *, there should be no lack of job opportunity. Perhaps DDF should rethink his advice.**

   * Source … EphBlog!

**  Source … Ephblog yet again!




Should this stamp be cancelled? Merely a question from a philatelic point-of-view …

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 5.38.51 PM

It is interesting to note that Williams students have been organizing a model UN at Mt Greylock through the Center for Learning in Action for any middle schoolers wanting to learn about MUN and international diplomacy. Read more about the skills two Ephs are offering middle-schoolers.



3063339508_154a99432a_b   Oneonta-Rain      J Seward Johnson*                                                       Mark Adamus

It has been since the 16th of June. This will be a welcome soaking to the 950 firefighters working on the 44, 000 acre blaze in the Columbia Gorge.

I am posting this with a specific reference to this fire warning on Williams campus safety:

Would that someone had instructed the 15 year old boy not to throw a firecracker into a tinder-dry 200 foot gorge.

* Mister Portland … “Allow me”.  Johnson bio here:



The Houses of Williamstown: Baxter Hall … (Reissue)

(This is the last post in a series of 16) This was originally posted 26 Nov, 2009. Sharp eyes may have noticed the disconnect between 14 and 16: namely Zeta Psi. The Zetes reissue was posted on May 20, 2017.


Final NA top
Continues under the fold Read more


The Houses of Williamstown: Theta Delta Chi … (Reissue)

(This is the 14th of a series of 16 posts). This was originally posted 18 Nov, 2009. Click COMMENTtto see the full article.
tdx Top copy
Article continues under the fold Read more


The Eagle Creek Fire: 10,000/ now 33,000 acres of the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area are in flames …

fire_stephen_datnoff_1_t670     photo Steve Datinoff, Hood River

… 5% contained as of noon 7 Sep, hikers have been rescued, towns are being evacuated, roads and the InterState are closed to all but emergency vehicles. The Eagle Creek/Indian Creek fire has crossed the Columbia River from Oregon into Washington.

The Columbia Gorge Scenic Area:


The need for knowledge in forest management is recognized at Williams:

The Williams College Center for Environmental Studies (CES) facilitates research and undergraduate teaching activities while preserving and monitoring forest resources, particularly through long-term ecological research.

If Ephs do not appreciate the beauty of purple mountains, then who does?

It has not rained since mid June. Ironically, this is a temperate rain forest. And the fire was started by an idiot with a firecracker!


The Houses of Williamstown: Sigma Phi … (Reissue)

(This is the 13th in a series of 16 posts) This was originally posted Nov 16, 2009. Click COMMENT to see the entire post


Sig Phi Top copy
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College to tear down Garfield House (former DU House) ???


A whisper from ‘Yup’ under the KA post just now:

 yup… says:

The college may tear down Garfield House (Former Delta Upsilon fraternity house) …


Good God, please this can’t be true! Can anyone shed light on this? The Horn dullness gets built and the DU House comes down??

FRANK … you are on the scene …

‘yup’ is not unknown and is a reliable source.


When a person embodies a nations heart …

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 5.35.12 PM





At the request of DDF …

 Narcissism through the ages: What happens when narcissists grow older?
Includes references to empathy



FastTimes_104PuxurzSean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High . This 1982 movie was based on Claremont HS in San Diego, a few years before my daughter was Class  President.

Yes, this is another very thin Williams link to give you a shot at my summer reading list. I met Andre Dubus III at a book reading in Boston in May. He knocked me out. His reading was a torrent of words and images taking place at different times and locales yet all taking place in a space of five minutes in the narrative of the book. I had to read more.


I read four: two novels, a book of novellas, and a memoir. The first novel was his first big success,  House of Sand and Fog.

cover_townieThe memoir is Townie. It is an accounting of his growing up in Haverhill where his father, the writer Andre Bubus, is a college professor. It is dirty, gritty, violent, touching, and written in a language in which the truth is found with out embellishment other than the writers own self-searching. Townie was written after the other three. And in it are the backgrounds for happenings and characters in the first three books.

The truth he finds in this memoir is the same truth you see being developed in the first three books of fiction. 







The flimsy link:

Anthropology professor David Edwards and journalist Christopher Marcisz have teamed up this semester (2015) to teach a course about different ways of understanding the relationship between Williams College and Williamstown.

To prepare for their final projects, each of the 13 students—sophomores, juniors and seniors, some of them anthropology and sociology majors—will pitch several ideas about the intersection between the town and the college, just as they would to a magazine editor, and select the one with the most potential. They’ll spend the rest of the semester conducting research and interviews and then writing an anthropological study that reads like creative nonfiction.

All the profs really had to do was to assign Townie.




JCD is Right!* Hitler is a cliche …

Il Dunce

With the pardon of the sheriff, with the order to the military Re: transgenderpeople in the  service, I’d have slapped up a shot of Der Fuhrer faster than lightning. But JCD is right, I’ve been over-using Hitler as an easy allusion for Drumph and Fascism.

So here is a new simulacrum that I’ll use. It’s a little lighter with a touch of humor. Although the situations grow less and less humorous.

Thanks JCD!

          * see JCD comment, 3rd comment under ‘Very Nice People’ post **


**  Granted, this is a meta reference to Williams. However, one that may be familiar to constant readers.

Addenda items …

At David’s good suggestion to search harder for a Williams College reference, I am adding this more direct beat-back.

This article in the blog of Christian Thorne, Associate Professor of English on 27 February, 2017:

Mussolini’s government, unlike Hitler’s, did not attempt to monopolize the entire sphere of thought and culture. Historians are keen to point out that there was no Italian Gleichschaltung—no effort to bring everyone into line. Within certain parameters, independent intellectuals continued to publish in Italy, which means not that there were still socialists or communists or liberals expressing themselves freely in Florence and Rome—those people really were shut down—but that there remained an outer circle of freelance fascists, the half-fascists or the merely unenrolled, the shirts not of black, but of charcoal and onyx and taupe,

Added by DDF:


The Houses of Williamstown: St. Anthony Hall (Delta Psi) … (Reissue)

(The 12th in a series of 16 posts)   This post was originally made Nov 12, 2009. Click COMMENT to see full post
St A Top copy
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Grandparents of Student Make Gift of West African Art


Drs Carolyn and Eli Newberger have made a gift of their 340 object collection of art from the Ashanti, Bamana, Baule, Bobo, Dogon, Igbo, Mossi, Peul, Senufo, and Yoruba people.

“This generous gift greatly expands WCMA’s collection of African art and will be incredibly valuable not only in teaching but also in showing art that is politically, socially, and culturally relevant,” said Class of 1956 Director Christina Olsen. “ We are grateful to Carolyn and Eli for their vision and generosity.”

This is another recognition of the WCMA. Of particular interest to me personally is this description  of the museum: “A defining feature of this institution is its unique exhibition style; presenting art within its cultural and historical context to incite thought-provoking experiences.”

Isn’t this, after all, how art should be understood? And , in fact, isn’t this thought the basis for a liberal arts education?

JCD: Comment?


“This is just post-modern drivel. Art should be valued and displayed because it is beautiful. Museum directors are only amateurs in politics, sociology or cultural anthropology. Only in a world without standards of beauty would a dorky looking pot ever become a part of an art exhibit.”

10438ceabf502fa8174817ace186608clargerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



8 Students Chosen for the Expedition to the August 21 Solar Eclipse/ The view from Hood River …

Your first-hand reporter comments on the eclipse as he saw it.

I know the Williams expedition must have been in a better position than I was. Hood River is 60 miles due east of Portland on the Columbia River. I sat on the deck facing east and could see the sun.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 10.56.16 AM

I would say that (as you can see by the map) by 10:20 am there was a hint of darkness, rather like the time for a sun-downer. I turned my chair due north. Buffy the wonder dog was disinterested. The neighbors cats, Atticus and Coco, stopped by for a stretch and a meow, but they always do. Birds seem to go about their business with no hint of retiring for the night. The river was placid, no wind, no kite surfers or paddle boarders. Snowy Mt Adams kept steady shadows over the Yakima Nation.

In a few minutes, the sun shine was bright again. If I were a Druid living in Hood River, I would be questioning my religion.

Hey, Just Now!

 A Trump speech actually with a beginning, middle, and end. I bring to your attention my prediction on 11 August:

 In one of those hidden in the comments statements that will probably not be read, this “Mark My Words” revelation I have just received while enjoying a Pimm’s Cup.

Trump will become a War President and as such will be able to put aside all the “follow the money” investigations being pursued by Special Investigator Mueller.

Well, Forget it!

The Phoenix display may set up the continuing positioning:

The President Who Is Preserving Our History And Heritage!

 Here are some other suggestions from The New Yorker:




the Houses of Williamstown: Psi Upsilon … (Reissue)

(This is the 11th in a series of 16 posts) Originally published October 2009.   Click CONTENT to see entire post
Psi u Top copy

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Do the right thing …

ein volk:reich:fuhrerwilliams-college-civil-war-monument-statue-union-soldier-williamstown-D11AM1

The Williams campus is in another idyllic town with a statue to the Civil War.


The Union soldier statue in front of Griffin Hall was commissioned by the Society of Alumni of Williams College to commemorate Williams College students who died in the Civil War. The monument was dedicated on July 28, 1868. The front of the base is simply inscribed: 1861  1865 .

This statue to the Williams men who died in the Civil War and placed in 1868, three years after the end of the war. A monument to the dead is quite a different statue than one glorifying a specific leader of the Confederacy and erected in the wave of White Supremacy in the 1920’s. These later statues were not to mourn the men killed in the horrific Civil War. but to build the legend of “The Lost Cause”.

A foreboding of things to happen here :

The Recent Neo-Nazi Murder Spree in Context

On April 3, 2013 in Griffin Hall, a talk by Freya Klier, “known for her criticism of communism and fascism, spends a good part of every year traveling to schools to teach the young generation about the GDR, and she also represents incarcerated writers for PEN. In 2012, Klier received the Bundesverdienstkreuz, Germany’s highest honor for civil service.”

This post has been up-dated 0n 19 August per the excellent observations of DDF and alum-anon.


* “Blood and Soil”/ A footnote to Charlottesville

*  “Blood and Soil” has a great appeal… the uniting power of native nationality and the native land. This slogan was chanted at the deadly terrorist demonstration in         Charlottsville.

While I usually work hard for the Williams topicality, the series currently running provides a natural background.


Blut und Boden = Blood and Soil

Ortsbauernfuhrer = Leader of the Landed Farmers. See above link for difficulty in defining and applying.

Reischsnahrstand = The Nazi governing group determining land needed to meet nutritional needs of the German people


The Houses of Williamstown: Phi Sigma Kappa …

(This is the 10th in a series of 16 posts) … Originall published 5 November, 2009. Click COMMENT for entire post
Phi Sig Top copy
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Welcome to the War of the Words …


Kim Jong-Un wants to punish us “a thousand-fold”.

 Trump ups that:  “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen”.

 Separated at birth?


Some fore-shadowing …


A Dissatisfied Trump in Afghanistan …


The Great Game continues, the players are real:





The Houses of Williamstown: Phi Gamma Delta …

(this is 9th of 16 posts)Phi Gam Top copy
This article continues below the fold … originally published 2 November, 2009. Click COMMENT for full post.



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Left ………………………………………………………… Right


WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is preparing to redirect resources of the Justice Department’s civil rights division toward investigating and suing universities over affirmative action admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants, according to a document obtained by The New York Times.

Any thoughts on the swing of a new political sway and possible effects on Williams?

Still, there is great reluctance, even discomfort, on the part of admissions offices to acknowledge race as a consideration in their evaluation process. Neither Brown nor Harvard explicitly does so, instead using words like “perspective” and “identity” to describe admissions considerations. Williams College, my own alma mater, doesn’t either, although on its website this fall, the percentage of students of color and those who are the first generation in their families to attend college is enlarged to about twice the size of the other demographic statistics.

Rose Corteau  ’14 writing in …



Can a military leader with 40 years of experience bring a chaotic White House under control?


Respect for our system of government and respect for our constitution is at a low point. Let us hope that this proven general with a lifetime of service to both will succeed in restoring the sense of confidence in our country’s leadership we deserve.

Williams reference … look no further than this blog …


Trump, Scaramucci, Base : Some descriptors you might not think of …



  1. Trumpery           despicable, contemptible, poor, inferior, cheap, tawdry.

  2. Scaramuche      rascal, scamp, a cowardly buffoon
  3. Base                  without estimable personal qualities, dishonorable, mean-spirited

Please use these words in a sentence.  If the money is followed, will there be a sentence? Do lawyers have job security?

WOW WOW …  SCARAMUCCI OUT!  Evidently, he didn’t have job security. Congratulations to the new Chief of Staff!  No room for such behavior with a four-star Marine general on deck!

And of Williams alumni interest and/or harrumphing:

LEAD 127

America First?The Trump Era and the Future of World Politics

Spring 2018 Cross-listed as PSCI 127



The Houses of Williamstown: Phi Delta …

(this is the 8th in a series of 16 posts) … originally published 29 October, 2009. Click COMMENT to see entire post.Phi Delt Top copy
This article continues under the fold Read more


“Read the footnotes” … a reminder from Guy Creese’s essay on Professor Professor Dudley W. R. Bahlman

A Williams alum might find the story about Todd Ducharme (1994) of interest!!   “Be Prepared” – the motto of the Boy Scouts, and a Tom Lehrer song, and a reminiscence about Football Coach Dick Farley are contained in this news note that reflects how Williams connections and experiences shape our lives.


Perhaps other Williams alums would like to share their Billville times and stories. Just contact David.


Heil To The Chief!

I was in the host Valley Forge District in 1950 at the BSA first Jamboree after WWII. President Truman and General Eisenhower spoke. It wasn’t any thing like the national disgrace on Monday evening.

 Williams and “Be Prepared”


Ellis for The New Yorker



The Houses of Williamstown: Kappa Alpha …

(this is the 7th in a series of 16 )

…in their ‘comments’, these old posts show an interest and avidity to fun as well as the darker side of Williams ongoing course.

My political jabs were also a continuing part of the blog at the time.


kappa Top copy
Continues below the fold Read more


Pardon me … …


Lets dance. Putin’ on the Ritz!

But we’ll have a collusion.

That’s collision… When two people slide into each other.

That’s what I said, collusion

Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and Zeppo on campus:




Scaramucci in, Spicer out.

Communications to take a turn?


The second Times around?


Alas the link:


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