CGCL IV: Education’s End

Professor Robert Jackall suggests that Williams is, or should be, a “cross-generational community of learning.” The purpose of the CGCL seminar (our abbreviation of Jackall’s phrase) is to realize this vision in a small but real setting. We will read and discuss Education’s End by Anthony Kronman `68.

Class will begin in the morning and then meet asynchronously thereafter as participants comment on the book and take issue with the comments of others. For each chapter, a “discussant” will be responsible for posting a short commentary to start the conversation. Discussants who are already authors on EphBlog should start a new thread for each article. Discussants who are not authors should e-mail their commentary to me for posting or post it on their own blogs and provide me with a link. After the discussant has posted, everyone else is invited to chime in with either comments on the underlying material or on the discussion so far. Civility should be maintained. Rude comments will be deleted.

Those curious about the style of conversation we encourage should look at our seminars from 2005, 2006 and 2007. Links to each discussion are provided in the date.

Tuesday, January 8: Introduction. Discussant: Professor Alan White.

Thursday, January 10: Chapter 1: What Is Living For? Discussant: Dan Blatt `85.

Tuesday, January 15: Chapter 2: Secular Humanism. Discussant: Chris Gondek `90.

Thursday, January 17: Chapter 3: The Research Ideal. Discussant: FROSH mom.

Tuesday, January 22: Chapter 4: Political Correctness. Discussant: Fred Lawrence `78.

Thursday, January 24: Chapter 5: Spirit in an Age of Science. Discussant: Will Slack `11.

Tuesday, January 29: Appendix: Yale Directed Studies Program Readings, 2005 — 2006. Discussant: Professor Fred Rudolph `42.

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