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Christmas Message from Bill Couch ’79

Many thanks for all of the Christmas cards received to date! I would like to respond to all, but I am overwhelmed by the sheer numbers.  Please accept this thank you in place of a more personal handwritten note.

Happy Holidays to all !

Bill Couch


Thank You for all of your GREAT support of our deployed Ephs!

Stewart Menking ’79
Williams College Adopt An Eph Program


Dave Clawson’s Coaching Debut

An article on Dave Clawson’s coaching debut can be found here:


Farewell to Fred Stocking ’36

Fred Stocking, copyright

UPDATE from Larry George: Reminding the community that the memorial service will be on August 16th at the Faculty House.

FUNERAL NOTICE — A memorial event for Mr. Stocking will be held on Sunday, Aug. 16, at the Williams Faculty House at the corner of Park and Main streets in Williamstown. This celebration of the great, good gift of life will begin at 11:30 a.m., and a reception will be held afterward at the same location.

Contributions can be made in his name to VNA & Hospice of Northern Berkshire, 535 Curran Memorial Highway, North Adams, MA 01247 or to the Quoddy Regional Land Trust Inc., U.S. Route 1, P.O. Box 49, Whiting, ME 04691-0049. Flynn & Dagnoli-Montagna Home for Funerals, West Chapels, is in charge of arrangements.

Obituary from, in toto: Read more


Brunner Burned By Sutton ’83

Circuit Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton ’83 (lots of legal talent in those 3/8 reunion years) of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit wrote the opinion for the en banc court reinstating the district court’s Temporary Restraining Order that requires Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to provide information on mismatches between voter registration and DMV records.

This is especially important in light of the tip of the iceberg of ACORN’s voter fraud voter registration fraud [edited. Note that I said voter not voting, but regardless, I apologize for my imprecise terminology] being revealed, and may determine the election.

With appeal likely to Justice Stevens (as Circuit Justice for the Sixth Circuit) for a “temporary” stay of the en banc opinion, this may not be the end of this story.  Any “temporary stay” would likely be permanent, as it would be moot after the election, and there is probably not enough time for the entire Court to hear this case in enough time to let the TRO go through.


What do the Hon. Jeffrey Sutton ’83 and Mike Myers have in common?

They both “love gooooooooooooold!”

As Howard Bashman writes:

An opinion in a case captioned 216 Jamaica Avenue v. S & R Playhouse has perhaps a better than average chance at involving erotic entertainment, but alas that proved not to be the case with regard to this decision that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued today. Yet the opinion remains of interest because the decision considers the enforceability of a contractual provision, contained in a lease executed in 1911, stating that “[a]ll of said rents shall be paid in gold coin of the United States of the present standard of weight and fineness.” The trial court had held that the provision was unenforceable. But today, in an opinion by Circuit Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton, the Sixth Circuit reaches the opposite conclusion.

Orin Kerr at the Volokh Conspiracy comments as well:

The question, in simplified form: If a 99-year lease signed in 1912 specifies that the lease payments are $35,000 per year, payable “in gold coin of the United States,” can the lessor almost 100 years later demand that the payment be the value of 35,000 gold coins rather than $35,000?

For 90 years, the lessor only demanded payment of the dollars themselves, essentially ignoring the “gold coin” provision. And from 1933 to the 1970s, the “gold coin” clause was unenforceable under federal law thanks to U.S. monetary policy. But in 2006, a new company bought the property and began demanding the value of 35,000 gold coins instead of just $35,000. Does the language of the contract entitle the company to the value of the gold coins rather than just $35,000? In a very interesting opinion, Judge Sutton concludes that it does. Seems pretty persuasive to me, although I don’t know much about the topic.


Susan Schwab ’76 Pushes Hard for Free Trade with Colombia


United States Trade Representative Susan Schwab ’76 is pushing hard for Congress to ratify the free trade agreement with Colombia and warning economic illiterates about the dangers of gutting NAFTA by “renegotiating it” or imperialistically and unilaterally demanding that other countries adopt our labor, wage, and environmental standards.Read the excerpts from the U.S. News & World Report interview for more detail.