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Eph victorious at 100-mile trail race

Greg Crowther '95 at mile 40 of 100

Greg Crowther '95 at mile 40 of 100

Congratulations to Greg Crowther ’95, who won the Rocky Raccoon 100-mile trail race! He ran just under 15 hours for the distance, his first ever 100-mile race. An excerpt from Greg’s race writeup:

You could say that my day at the Rocky Raccoon 100 was foreshadowed by the movie I watched on Friday with my aunt and uncle: Avatar. It was really long, had lots of running through the woods, was about a guy whose legs ceased to function and who wished for a new body, and included much pain and suffering followed by a happy ending.

The story of my race could also be told in part by the split times of my 20-mile laps: 2:38, 2:42, 2:50, 3:04 … and 3:45. Most of the last lap was in the dark, but at the rate I was moving then, darkness was hardly an impediment.


Before long we were sailing along the final straightaway, a couple hundred meters long. “Number 169 is finishing!” I yelled to the race officials. As Paul and I finished in 14:58, I raised his hand in triumph, for the victory belonged to him too — as it did to John and to my uncle Chris, who crewed for me thoughout the day, and to Paul’s wife Meredith, who assisted Chris after placing 2nd in the 50-mile race.

Race director Joe Prusaitis emerged from the darkness. “You ran a great race!” he enthused. “No, YOU ran a great race!” I said, poking him in the chest with my index finger. “That was REALLY well organized!”

Fast, and humble, too! What a marvelous Eph. (Click the link above for a picture of his very unique rusty metal trophy — and for a recap of everything that happened in the middle of the race.)


Journey to the tri-state point

Last weekend found me in Northfield, MA, helping out at a race (where I saw Ross Smith ’05), so after the successful completion of said race, my boyfriend and I naturally drove over to Williamstown. Had I thought to pack a camera, I could have taken pictures to populate another hundred Photo IDs, but I didn’t, so you’ll have to settle for narrative (with one photo, below).

I decided that we would run along the Taconic Crest Trail and find the tri-state marker where MA, VT and NY come together. Though I had run the Taconic Crest Trail with the cross country team many times, I had never been to the tri-state point, which I had heard was not far off the trail. Since my boyfriend enjoys bushwhacking and county high-pointing, it seemed like the ideal afternoon adventure / long run.

MA-VT-NY tri-state marker

MA-VT-NY tri-state marker

We first went to the Mountain Goat, where we purchased the WOC guide to hiking around Williamstown, and the excellent WOC map of the area. The man working there was very chatty, and we left much more informed about long-distance biking journeys than we had been when we entered. (As we drove through the College, I also saw many more white-haired, purple-shirted men than I expected. Williams was deep into Reunion season. David Kane was there, but I didn’t know it until I got back.) We then proceeded to Petersburg Pass, where we parked, crossed the road, and began the run along the crest trail.

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