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Brunner Burned By Sutton ’83

Circuit Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton ’83 (lots of legal talent in those 3/8 reunion years) of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit wrote the opinion for the en banc court reinstating the district court’s Temporary Restraining Order that requires Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to provide information on mismatches between voter registration and DMV records.

This is especially important in light of the tip of the iceberg of ACORN’s voter fraud voter registration fraud [edited. Note that I said voter not voting, but regardless, I apologize for my imprecise terminology] being revealed, and may determine the election.

With appeal likely to Justice Stevens (as Circuit Justice for the Sixth Circuit) for a “temporary” stay of the en banc opinion, this may not be the end of this story.  Any “temporary stay” would likely be permanent, as it would be moot after the election, and there is probably not enough time for the entire Court to hear this case in enough time to let the TRO go through.